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How to use myManga

Table of Contents

Getting Started

When myManga is opened for the first time by the user a blank library will be displayed, this is normal. There are five tabs each containing parts of myManga. The first tab is the Library tab, under this tab you will find all of the manga you are currently reading. The next or second tab is the Reading tab, this tab contains the reader used for the chapters, it is only viewable if a chapter is being read. The next or third tab is the Queue tab, . The next or fourth tab is the Search tab, . The last or fifth tab is the Options tab, under here you will find your settings and the about page.
For a well written about and quick start guide, Martin Brinkmann has one here: gHacks - myManga is a Manga Downloader and Reader for Windows.
Para los españolas amigos de myManga, Willy Klew habla ha escrito un breve aquí: VisualBeta - MyManga, descarga y gestiona todo el manga. If this is a butchering of the spanish language please do not hesitate to correct me.

To add or search for a manga:

  • Navigate to the Search Tab. (Fourth Tab)
  • Select the manga site to use from the drop-down list located in the upper left of the tab.
  • The search box is located to the direct right of the site selection.
  • Enter the title of the manga you wish to read and either press Enter or press the Search button located at the right edge of the application.
  • Once the search has completed loading, indicated by the progressbar, locate the manga you wish to read and press the download button indicated by the Cloud
  • The information about the selected manga will now be downloaded and stored and will appear in your library located under the Library Tab. (First Tab)

To read a manga within myManga:

  • Navigate to the Library Tab. (Fourth Tab)
  • Select the manga you wish to read from your library.
  • If you are beginning for the first time or continuing the manga from where you left off, click the pair of glasses that has appeared on the manga cover.
    • To select a specific chapter, click the sidebar to the left of the library and locate the chapter from the list.
    • To read or download a chapter from the chapter list, click the page-like icon.

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