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Below is the list of suggestions I have (have prepared a preview using a screenshot :) attached).
  • Download Latest
    The download remaining downloads all the chapters, in my case I have already finished reading 600+ chapters of Naruto and don't want to download them again (for now atleast)... The download latest is to check for the last downloaded chapter and download the chapters after that (not before) and if there is nothing new don't do any thing.
  • Refresh/Refresh All
    I am from India the bandwidth is limited so would prefer to save it where ever possible,
    1. when I know that I will get only certain manga's will be released for the day I can check them alone(using refresh) and if I am checking after a week I can check all the manga's for updates(using refresh all).
    2. A download all to latest like first but for all the manga's (to utilize free/off-peak bandwidth )
  • Chapter Status and options
    we can use different ways( or combined )
    1. When there is a new chapter there should be no page button next to the chapter name there should be only download and once it is downloaded there should be page(read) and delete(for people having limited space)
    2. Just leave the page icon as usual and put a new icon near it (or a colored bullet to chapter name) to show that it has been downloaded already - green or it is not downloaded - red (or it is in queue - yellow)
    3. Add icon before read.
      3.1. New and not downloaded - Red
      3.2. New and in Queue for download - Yellow/Orange
      3.3. Downloaded (not Read) - Green
      3.4. Downloaded (Read) - Blue
  1. If there is a special character in the chapter name it is showing the escaped html sequence(highlighted in screenshot).

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